I used to care a lot about the art and craft of B&W photography using film. Since I am returning, after an eleven year layoff from developing and printing my own B&W, I don't know what I should think about it right now. I certainly never was into sensitomitry but I was using the incident light meter before and, of course, I have Ansel's books and a few others. Wasn't Cartier Bresson into seeing in the moment? He had a certain understanding of the B&W process but he did not obsess over it like many do. I am all for getting consistent results, with a surprise along the way at unexpected times (hopefully through bracketing and not processing mistakes). Using digital, one becomes cavalier in approach; no light meter, a multitude of exposures, color later converted to B&W. The learning/results seem so much quicker and I think the young shooters are having fun with that. Serious shooters use a lens shade as to not spoil their best shots with unwanted lens flare! There, I said it but I don't know exactly what I said except that I am back in my own way. We shall see where my current approach gets me (no external light meter). Buying some frames might be more important now.