Hello all,

I'm novice when comes to printing in the darkroom. Can any of you please help me understand what is going on with the problem I'm having?

I'm using Ilford MC paper and Ilford MC developer (1+9), Ilford Ilfostop and Rapid fixer. I also use Ilford contrast filter #2. When I make test print I expose paper in 6 segments, 5 sec/each. I follow Ilford's instruction in development. Everything looks fine on a test sheet. I choose the exposure I want for final print with same f stop and exposure time as on the test print. Again same set-up as for test print. The problem is the print comes out grossly underdeveloped (very light). I tried to vary time of the exposure but it doesn't help. If I open 1 stop and reduce the time of exposure I get the overexposure (very dark). I honestly don't understand what is going on.

I would very much appreciate any help you can offer.