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and some info from last post maybe interesting for you:
I recieved the article over the computer network of the local univerity library. Her is the part, which relates to the synthesis of glycin:
... Vater CJ. pr. Chem., 1884 [ii], 29, 286) obtained this compound by digesting one molecular proportion of monochloro acetic acid with two molecular proportions of p-aminophenol and 20 parts of water. we found that a better yield was obtained by using molecular proportions of p-aminophenol (3g), monochloroacetic acid (2,6g), and sodium acetate (4g) in aqueous solution. The pink solid which separated was collected and crystallised from water, from which it separated only on stirring in a somewhat floculent form. (Found, N= 8,42. Calc., N= 8,39 per cent). ...