I dont think that there is anything cheap about a lot of japanese cameras. Canon made one of the best Leica lenses out there, the .95 TV Lens "Dream". I played with one not long ago, and I reckon it does 99% of the Leica equivalent for 1/5 of the price second hand, Beautiful bokeh and creamy light...Yummy... I adore Fujis older products, and I am hoping to purchase a medium format GW tomorrow if it is still on the shelf. I will also admit I own a digital Fuji too, even though it is like a swear word in here.

What does it matter what he uses to shoot, so long as he does, I have only been a member here for a few days and haven't posted any of my works so I am in no position to complain about his apparent lack of doing so. But I can say this, Leica makes a really robust, compact reliable body and some of the best lenses in the business. They have been doing this since day dot. anyone who is shooting with a rangefinder camera must concede that without these roots their own japanese equivalents wouldn't exist as they are whether improved upon or not.

just get out there and shoot! By the way E Van Hoegh, I took my own advice, and made a pinhole today