Nikola, Chloroacetic acid is extremely toxic even via what appears at the time to be mild skin contact:

The Formulary makes their own Glycin as the market is so small and the cost is so high. A trained lab worker can make it in a jiffy, but accidents do happen!

If you insist on going ahead, I suggest the 20+ volume set by Arnold Weissberger entitled "Synthetic Organic Chemistry" or something like that. It gives the exact method for making just about any common organic chemical. I studied those books for hours during my thesis work learning how to make some of the esoteric starting materials I needed for my research work.

Whatever you do, I strongly endorse what Jerry said, BE CAREFUL! You are playing out of the league of most everyone and are courting a serious problem. I wish you the best and remind you that if there is no market, then the chemical is not made, or if made it is very expensive.