I'm yet again fighting the "digital culture of expectation".

I shot some photos of my friends kids using my Hasselblad, Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Acros 100 - though they are my friends, they are a paying client (though largely just paying for my costs with a little extra). The results are quite outstanding, even by my standards! Arguably some of the best portraiture I have done.

After the shoot, I sent the films to my lab, who have done a great job of developing the film and, to keep costs down, I asked the lab to conduct initially just their "standard scan" from negative to CD so that the client could see the proofs and choose their favourites for final proper production. This, the lab has done, and pleased with the results the client is. I have then reduced the pictures in size (to about 70Kb) and watermarked each picture too, to prevent anybody just trying to do a bodge job print effort themsevles. I have reitterated many times "these are low res scans....proper prints from negatives are essential and key to optimum final prints" etc etc

However, the client has now asked if she can have the electronic pictures without the watermark so she can create her own little album and produce two more for her extended family. Note she still intends to place an order of 3 or 4 enlargements for her wall which will be done by my lab, but still.

I am now in a tricky spot and need advice on resolving. If I give her the unwatermarked but still low res scans (each original file is about 300Kb) and she just takes them along to Wallmart or wherever, we all know how they'll look. Though they may satisfied with them, I know they'll look a fraction of how good they'd look if I had the prints done properly from the negatives using my lab. And my name, as a photographer, will be affected. because everybody who is shown these little albums witll think that is the work of Ted Smith. I don't want people thinking, when they see these sub-standard prints, that it is a reflection of my work and will reduce my capability in future of generating clients. But likewise, she doesn't want to have to pay an extra 70 or so to have some sets of 5"x5" prints produced, considering it has already cost 35 for the film and 85 for the development and scanning costs.

What the hell do I do?