Normally I calculate my exposure times for pinhole photography by guesstimation, especially when I use my converted Gevabox or Agfa Clack. But sometimes I want to measure the light more securely. When I didn't bring my real light meter, I use the Pocket Light Meter app on my iPhone (also available for android). This app has a minimal ISO setting as low as 0.8 and maximum aperture as high as f/512. This makes this app very usefull for pinhole photography and for using photo paper as a negative. And it is very accurate too. I compared it with my digital camera.

The app is free (with a small add in the top of screen) or only $1.00 for the add free version.
See for more info:


The app has some nice features. It shows also the EV values, if desired. And you can "HOLD" the screen - holding your last reading. You can also take a small snapshot to log the used settings - and add some notes.
This is an example of the snapshot (jpg, 150 KB):


The app can also sync with Dropbox to save the snapshots for later. Coming back home you can check the snapshots to see what settings you used when & where: the file name contains a date & time stamp. Here you'll find a small test of this app:

A nice app for pinhole photography!

"Have fun and catch that lightbeam"
Bert from Holland .