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Fuji's E-6 line will die mainly because of two reasons (MHO)

1. Fuji's Marketing department - no one seems interested in selling films
2. Availability of chemistry - with Kodak E-6 chemistry supply drying up (available in large packs not feasible to use for small volumes), There is no alternative for the labs. With Kodak's distribution network, Fuji never had to worry about selling chemistry. Now I don't know if they will be able to put up an effective distribution system in place or even be interested in doing so.

just my two cents
Agreed, Fujifilm's "marketing" is disgusting. Who knows how well film could be doing if even half an effort was given here. As I said in a different post, I went out camera shopping last weekend. I didnt know what I was going to buy, but I had some ideas. I wanted to get a 35mm film camera to complement my medium format gear. My initial thoughts were of a Contax G2, but part of me wanted manual focus so I was conflicted.

Here in Shanghai, there are 20 or so shops that sell used camera gear, all located in one mall. I went to one that I knew had a lot of Contax gear. I found the store very busy, too busy to wait around in. There were 3 people looking at the Contax gear. Three people on a Sunday morning!! The stores were just opening. Now 3 isnt a huge number, but the fact that it's 3 people looking for a film camera, and a Contax one at that just tells me that there are more people interested in film than perhaps the "geniuses" at Fujifilm (and Kodak) even know about. I just wish Fujifilm would put half an effort behind their film line. For god's sake, their web page on film is just pathetic.

I ended up buying a Nikon FM2. Hopefully the film that comes back in a few days validates this purchase.

Regarding E-6 chemicals, I thought Kodak outsourced all that. Can't the real supplier keep making them?