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Simon, in the LA/Orange County area, that can be anywhere from 70mph to 0mph and everything in between. Usually multiple times in each trip.

I had a 100 mile commuting round trip for a while, and hated it. Then I went from that to a 200 mile round trip and after 3 months swore never again. As both were to and from Palm Springs, neither had much in the way of slowdowns, either. If there had been LA-type jams, no doubt I would have ended up in a rubber room.

And back in the days when real estate was booming, and people were flooding into the area by the tens of thousands, I saw a 28-mile commute go from 30 minutes to 40 minutes in the span of two years.
I used to commute in LA, that place nearly killed me, I left 19 years ago. My commute for the past 15 years has been non-existant living in a tiny mountain town. I may not have the 2,500 square foot house with the basement darkroom and white picket fence, but I can walk out the front door right now and within a 5 minute walk, be at the edge of thousands of miles of pure wilderness.

I'll never understand the idea of spending a lot of one's life chasing material objects and jobs only to sit in horrible traffic in a concrete jungle for the rest of one's life....looking forward to retirement...