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hi ted

what has happened is typical of what happens when one does work for friends.
why don't you SELL her the usage for the files much like a stock agency does.
if it is actually for a brag-book, have her tell you how many there will be,
and charge her a fee.
I would go this route. Give all the reasons outlined by others about the quality being important. And license her the use of good scans of the selects - for a modest fee, you can explain covers the cost of the scans. Don't pay for and send her 100MB scans, but send the appropriate scan detail for the intended purpose. That way the brag books will look professional, but the quality still won't tempt them to make a mural to hang behind the couch. Tell them for a mural you would recommend a 100MB scan, and then go order that when the time comes.

I hope it all comes out to be a positive experience for you all around.