I’ve received another 16 cards since I last shared my comments a long time ago. Here are my observations:

mooseontheloose - "Wat Remains" - Another wonderful Kodak HIE photo from Rachelle - evocative and beautifully toned
drpsilver - "Cairn, Macugnaga, Italy" - A stark image from Darwin that I really like
rince - "Fleeting Moment" - Excellent choice of the point of view
BoxBrownie - "Down by the Jetty" - This card looks wonderfully old fashioned - both in subject and tone
trsvax - "Rock'n in Austin" - When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be a concert shot
megzdad81 - Streamside Detail #4 - An interesting vignette, and it is well printed
JimO - "Sunshine Skyway sans Sunshine" - Wonderful sky
ChristopherCoy - "Beignettes for Breakfast" - Scrumptious . I particularly like the cropping.
delphine - "Rainy Day" - Tiny and precious - and I love the stand-up card
Oxleyroad - "Termite Mounds" - Really interesting and atmospheric
George Nova Scotia - "Picnic Time" - Excellent snow scene print - satisfyingly three dimensional
bluejeh - "Through the Window" - A complex image from a complex negative - well done
bluejeh2 - "Angel at Westminster Abbey" - Really like the details in this photograph
rst - "Louvre - detail" - Modern Geometric shapes with an historic background - very interesting
haslguitar - "Welcome Home, Mr. Contrast" - Makes me think of Hitchcock - I particularly like the high speed flying blur at the edge
mjs - "Man With His Horse" - I very much like the intersection of the horse and the man

So far, I’ve received cards from 20 participants, and am waiting on just 4 (adelorenzo, nicholai, Roger Thoms and Wayne Frederick).

Thanks everyone for participating.