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I did PM Simon and he indicated that it is volume related and that they would reevaluate the price for 2014.

Roger, that's interesting, maybe maybe not. A year is a long time to wait for a reevaluation. Unfortunately the situation now is how much will sell and who will pass. That isn't a good indicator for future pricing and volume.

For what it's worth I'm still deciding on what to order. $300.00 plus for twenty five sheets. Am I in that league or fooling myself? Jim's 8x20 prints are impressive and Vaughn's 4x10 prints are stunning. How's the poem go? "I took the road less traveled and found it was a dead end." Get what you can and hope for the best I suppose.

Imagine needing, wanting, more than one format!

At least Ilford / Harmon alive and producing, and FP4+ is and has been a great film.