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Why waste your time. Use blix per the tetenal instructions, the way it was designed to be used and work. You are talking small sums of money for the tetenal kit, even the 5 l kit. Not worth the hassle and wasted film, plus, invariably poor results using it improperly...
Well, because:

  1. I happened to read a past forum post indicating that someone here, that I respect (Athiril), did indeed have success splitting the Blix.
  2. I happened to not enjoy losing some large format sheets to a blix that decided to precipitate prematurely and unexpectedly.
  3. I happen to enjoy experimenting, and am a curious individual. I could just try it and keep the results to myself, but:
  4. I don't particularly enjoy buying chemistry in China, where it costs about 50% more than in my home country. I'm moving home soon, and prefer not to buy more chemistry if I can keep my remaining working solutions viable longer.

I supposed I could have just sent Athiril a private message so as not to bother you. But given the dearth of experiential information on this, I thought others might enjoy reading a discussion, and thought it might be valuable to lay it down here for posterity. I'm happy for someone to say "tried it, here's where it fails", or "here is the chemical makeup, here is why it can't work any other way". But I think this community has demonstrated an aptitude and desire to try things, push boundaries, do things in new and unexpected ways. Because face it, there isn't a whole lot of commercial research going into this stuff anymore. We're basically it.

I kicked off another discussion here recently, on the old topic of using split bath developers to enable development-to-completion of C-41 developer, at room temperature. The interaction between Athiril and Photo Engineer was incredibly deep, and to me, very valuable. (The conclusion appears to be that yes, it works, and yes, there is a small bit of color crossover, but no, it is not necessarily excessive or hard to deal with, and in summary, yes, it is certainly possible to do.) For those who like to experiment with this sort of thing, I think they'll find the whole discussion worthwhile.

I sort of hoped some useful information could be documented here as well. I studied the MSDS for the blix parts one and two, but it is clear they are obscuring some of the chemistry. Maybe there is another source for Tetenal Blix ingredients.