Well, I got it in the mail yesterday, took me 10 minutes to figure out how the hell to load it and work it (mine seems to have a quirk when I wind on, I have to wind past the point where the shutter cocks, but if it's hard up then the shutter won't fire, I have to wind and then back it off a bit).
I've also already met the "hard on sprocket holes", the take-up spool only has one tooth to catch when winding on, that one tooth does like ripping through film.
Anyway, one of those rolls of 12ish-frame Rollei Retros I bulk-loaded went in and I took a walk around the block. It's been 20 years since I guessed light levels with my Kodak Instamatic, but I managed to not do too badly, in fading light at sunset.
Only 1 messed up double-exposed frame (probably my fault from forcing something), the other 27 look good.
Mucked up the dev a bit, 1+100 rodinal for 1 hour, it turned out rather grainy for my usual tastes (I probably didn't need that last agitation at 45mins).

Still, lens looks damn sharp (at least, for the price), and not bad bokeh either:

I've got my second roll in it and already half through, damn it's a fun camera to use.
For $30, everyone should get one.