At MPEX 2 7x17 FP4+ & 2 HP5+ 122 rolls will cost me 730 bucks.
At Freestyle the same order is 780 bucks. Better savings with MPEX.
I'd really only like to order one roll of 122, but I want to make sure this will be on next year's list.
If there's better prices, let me know!

I'm curious about the 90mm FP4+ film too. I can't figure out what it's used for either. Tempted to just buy this for savings over HP5+ 122 rolls. FP4+ would make more sense in my Kodak 3a camera - but consider my 2 rolls of 122 committing to the world cause.

Any ideas how to store 122 film? Best I've though of is 4x6 print sleeves.