Wow, thanks for the responses and great conversation guys, not being a regular on the internet it's amazing how quickly a thread can build up! (I remember the days of sitting at the computer hitting refresh every minute wondering why no one was around!). pardon me while I try to address you all chronologically (until I catch up!):

AOCo: Thanks for the tip, my 'emergency box', which is always present (even just daily running around) includes my first aid kit, space blanket, bottle of hooch, cash and a Thoreau, Pirsig, Kerouac or Gibran.

Thanks Maris, I'd expect just about anywhere in July will be either cold, or wet, or both. If I had the time I'd love to head to the Flinders/Gammon Ranges, haven't been there in a couple years but it used to be a regular haunt.

Shane, interesting to hear about the restrictions in Mungo, I'll have to look into that before I ever get there. I'll look up Thurra Inlet too, sounds potentially deal.

Garry, Forrest flooded on Thursday?? I was there Friday and it was beautiful and sunny, spent a couple hours at the school and no one I talked to mentioned flooding... I guess they're just so used to it it wouldn't even rate as news :P A walk down that way again would be really nice actually, keep me posted, if you don't mind a tagger-alonger.
I'd thought of the Prom, not too keen to leave the bike tied to a tree while I walk away for a week though! Maybe that could make a good Apug Long-Weekend-Away-Gathering? I remember some of your pics from along Discovery Bay, I'll have to look into that some more.

James... Sandy Point eh? How much to rent a 4M2 piece of your lawn? But seriously, what's a week in your place worth to you?

FotoFun, when you say 'South West', do you mean Limestone Coast sort of way? I've got an uncle in Naracoorte I've been meaning to drop in on for years now, I'd thought I could head that way for this trip, you know, two birds and all.

Re Coober Pedy, I haven't been there since 2009 (we have friends with a dug-out up there), but there were no issues with accessing the Breakaways, early or late. The little dry river I camped along (to the North of town) was a really nice spot too. ...Thursday mornings in town are fun tho!

All around Coober Pedy, right out to Moon Plains there's no need for 4wd, I think last time I went I didn't need it until well after Oodnadatta, except for a nicely hidden moist clay bed in a dry creek crossing near the Painted Desert. Moon Plains is an interesting spot I'd really like to spend some time photographing under different lighting conditions, very interesting spot, I'll have to dig up some of the photo's from that way (mostly snapshots, was far too windy to setup LF).

Gary, would you know if any of the Great Ocean Walks campsites are accessible without trudging the whole GOW?