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Wish they had one for the hasselblad!
Lol! No you don't. The one that sold last month went for $1,800 for the Bronica mount. The Rollei mount costs $2,500... I assume because of all the automation.

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RE #3: The ETR series did have a tilt/shift lens. Made by Schneider, it's named Zenzanon-PE Super Angulon 55mm f4.5 PCS. Not a lot of them out there. The same Schneider lens is in some other MF mounts also.
What is strange is if you have the money with a little bit of patience they pop up on eprey on a regular basis. I guess lenses like that don't get mistaken for junk and thrown out. There are at least three available for sale at the moment. A couple of Bronicas and a Rollei mount.

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When I bought the Bronica, there was no Google or E-Bay.
I guess that's the good thing about coming late to the party. I assume I know nothing and research like crazy. I've known about that lens for almost a decade though. Pretty much ever since I started looking. There are all kinds of weird things that were manufactured for medium format cameras.