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Reid, i'm still wondering about the linkage between light, f/ and shutter speed. That video review answered one question, in that you turn the dial to set iso, you turn the dial to set f/ (the other half of the dial is just the 'weather' pictures). Then what's shutter speed? According to camerapedia it can change from 1/65 to 1/540, but there doesn't seem to be any sort of light-meter. Or does it just set 1/iso at f/16 and scale up/down from there? (I suppose I could get used to that).
Sorry for the slow reply. From my understanding, there is no light meter, the shutter speed is set based on where the aperture is set, sort of a rough kind of sunny-16 I guess. I think I used the weather pictures more than the f-stop setting because of that.

Yeah, you see what I mean now about hard on sprocket holes. I ripped a few sprocket holes during winding as I wasn't sure if the shutter had cocked.

I guess you can also pull out the take-up spool and use an empty film canister in that spot as well, you wouldn't even have to rewind!

Your photo looks great, nice work.