It is a difficult situation at best. You want to do something nice for friends, but they dont think they should have to pay the going rate to a friend. If this is how you make a living, you need to explain to them that it would take food out of your familys mouth if you gave it away. I used to have this problem all the time as a contractor, everyone wanted me to work on their home or build cabinets for free. I learned to politely turn them down. The only way to survive people like this is to just give them a taste for free. Never do more for friends than you can afford to throw away. This is a rough statement, but true. As for the "word of mouth" advertising, you would never see any good outcome from it. Truth is, they would brag about the price, and then every body else would demand the same from you (hey--you only charged ___ this much, how come i have to pay more?).