PE, thank you for the suggestion, as a matter of fact I was just looking up the list of recommended literature and these will make a neat (and substantial - 25 tomes) addition.
I'm not sure how to verify that I indeed have glycin as a product of my tests yet. Mp is accurate, but the product seems to decompose at a lower temperature, presumably due to impurities. Resistance to areal oxidation is my safest bet so far, literature suggests molybdenium nitrate for a qualitative reaction, but that's not exactly something I can ring up a supplier and ask for. Maybe a solubility test, side-by-side, in Na2SO3 and Na2CO3. I'll think of it tomorrow, after school
Well, I may be in luck - gram quantities of Mo are available from a now-defunct steel mill, so I may be able to do the above test in the following days.