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I wanted to thank you for the 46mm/127 offering. I will be placing my order once the money-wheel crosses into June. I just wanted to add my vote for next year offering this in FP4 (or alternating years of FP4/HP5). I'm sure I will find many good uses at ISO 400, but the cameras I have for 127 are more geared at 100-ish (or lower, if you have secret plans).

(Keeping my eye out for a gray baby.)
I don't understand this comment about not being able to use 400 speed film in a 127 camera, I only have one, and it's a junker, but I'm always having to push the Efke100 because its too slow and I can't even get past f/5.6 without a tripod (because shutter speeds drop below 1/30) so this confuses me, I don't see how they are "geared" to any film speed, but I'm asking because I want to learn and understand not to argue, hope that's clear.

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