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The go-kart will handle bulldust with ease; just the cornering I haven't mastered...
I've put 'The Breakaways' on my itinerary and will camp there but not in Coober Pedy, if that's a'right with the rest of you!? It's only 545km from Port Augusta (PA itself being quite an interesting town to scoot about).

Steve, when are you actually heading out, or are you day dreaming again? We're on the edge of winter (albeit so far looking curiously mild). Mind you, a few days at The Prom in winter even rows my boat. I have never done the GOW route; a few walkers in Geelong have and spoken highly of it, save for its many inland detours that are "sometimes a trudge". Johanna has a plum campsite on the walk, a short distance away from the usual digs for car-, bike-, horse- and camel-based campers.
I refuelled in Port Augusta once. It was a true service station, where a guy with a killer mullet came out to fill the car up. One of the scarier moments in my life, as he was smoking as he did it. I paid and split as quickly as I could, all the while expecting to see a mushroom cloud fill my rear-view mirror.

Another vote for Blanket Bay. I was there years ago and saw the most peculiar thing: brightly coloured starfish in the rock pools. Intensely coloured reds, yellows and blues. If I hadn't seen them moving about, I would have thought them to be plastic toys.

Finally, just a note on the Otways. Add Beauchamp Falls to the closed track list. Appears that the bridge over the creek has been smashed by flooding.