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So now a symbol isn't good enough on a photo? We have to "register" it with a company?

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it was never enough stone.
unless images are REGISTERED with the copyright office
the creator has no legal leg to stand on, and no lawyer
will take the case on contingency and no court will hear the case.

people ( photographers ) thought, by pressing the shutter button,
all their "work" was automatically copyrighted/protected ... its not
even if there is the " " next to the name, and people harvesting know this.

and unlike what some suggest it costs about 40$, you can
do a massive registration ( gang registration ) and be good to go.

if images are on flickr ( or anywhere else ) , and someone takes them and doesn't bother to
notice or "search" / write to the owner before using them it does not suggest
the work is "orphaned".

it just means that anyone with a camera and with images
can be considered a "pro" but the other edge of the sword is that some-goofball
who just likes to see his dog wearing a bandanna catching a frizbee in-print
for some gatorade/pro-feed ad won't know his image is worth 15K$ and will
say " cool 100$ im ok with that" and not have a clue.

the best of times, the worst of times.