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I don't understand this comment about not being able to use 400 speed film in a 127 camera, I only have one, and it's a junker, but I'm always having to push the Efke100 because its too slow and I can't even get past f/5.6 without a tripod (because shutter speeds drop below 1/30) so this confuses me, I don't see how they are "geared" to any film speed, but I'm asking because I want to learn and understand not to argue, hope that's clear.

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First of all, don't take me as an expert. I'm an aging newbie (started B&W darkroom in 1975 and haven't learned much since then).

The 127 camera that I have now (somewhere, thought it was on the bookcase) has a top shutter speed around 1/100, and I use it for daylight walk-at-lunch sort of thing, or did until the Efke curl drove me crazy. ISO 400 and sunny-16 puts me where? f/32? I like *some* choice on depth of field.

Waiting for a 127 Rolleiflex to ship. The pictures look good, and if it is half as good as it looks, I'll be happy.

Of course, by the time I have this film, the days will be getting shorter and 400 may be just the thing.

I'm certainly not complaining. I just like the full variety.