Color accuracy relies on so much more than capture medium. Color references help (i.e. a MacBeth Color checker), as does correcting for variables in ambient light (filters on lenses, filters on strobes, choosing the time to shoot based on color temperature). In the end, however, the person actually printing the image has as much control over the end result as the photographer, and in many cases, when printing C-type prints, the capture medium is relatively unimportant. Someone sitting at an Agfa D-lab or Fuji Frontiera can work with film or digital files equally well. In the end, if the print is the final record of the image, and not the negative, transparency or digital file, the quality of the capture would seem more important than the medium.

By the way, I live near Philadelphia, and would have been at the Italian Market Street Festival on Sunday if the weather was better. Where is this exhibit exactly? I'd love to stop by and check it out. Besides, I need to go to DiBruno's to stock up my fridge.