You know, sitting here wondering why this lot hasn't sold, it dawns on me that probably I've failed to spark your imagination adequately. Let's consider these not as camera cases but as small black pinatas. That's right, fill them with your favorite candies or trinkets, hang from a tree limb, decorate them with some gaudy crepe paper, blindfold participants at your next party, give them a baseball bat or golf club and watch the fun. Increase the personal liability limit of your homeowner's policy before you do this, however.

Not having a Mexican theme party? Well, do you need to lose a few pounds? Fill a couple of these cases with concrete, let them set, hang them around your neck and use them like you'd use ankle weights while you walk briskly through your neighborhood. Caution...if you have to break into a run, please ditch the camera case fast. Otherwise you're probably going to fracture your breastbone.

What else? Ah, automotive aftermarket accessories. Have you ever seen a car that had too many cup holders? Separate the upper and lower parts of the cases and epoxy the upper half to various places in your car and voila...5 additional cup holders! And so tasteful.

To make it easier, I'll let these go for the cost of postage ($12.35 for the med USPS Priority box as I recall).