I agree, content/composition is way more important than image quality. Some of my favourite pictures are ones taken with disposables or similar. Nostalgia also, is a powerful thing, I reckon it is a large factor of why so many of us still use film myself included.

David - Sorry for hijacking your thread.

I find it interesting that you mention Japan. When they first started producing and shipping cars out of their domestic market, not many people bought them. The few that did, soon found that rather than being rusty buckets of flimsy metal, they were actually really well engineered, reliable and comparatively well priced. More and more started to realise, and Japan quickly became the fastest growing automotive industry in the world.

The same thing is happening in Korea, just look at the quality of a modern Kia or Hyundai these days, especially when compared to the stuff they made ten years ago. They have caught up to everyone else and are releasing on par. The same thing will happen with China. They are currently making things on par with the early 80s domestic cars from japan, using borrowed or copied hardware. but just see how quickly they evolve into being leaders.