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As I understand the thought (overly simplified not to be taken as legal advice), in the US everything is automatically copyrighted. But registering and marking with the copyright symbol makes you eligible for damages. Without the extra money that might be involved, no lawyer would bother with you.
yeah ... kinda ... from what a lawyer told me ...
you can put the copyright symbol on anything and it may scare off people
because it is an implied copyright ...
BUT the actual registration is what matters, it is the document that states
the property is legally on record / is registered. and without proof of registration no lawyer would
bother because it becomes a he said - she said sort of scenario.
person 1: "i took this photograph of a baby riding a camel when i was at the bronx zoo in 2012, see my metadata" ...
person 2: " nooo, i took this photograph, she made a screen shot from my website and flickr page, this is MY metadata"
person 3: " here is my copyright registration, dated 6/1/2010 showing i own this image" bla bla bla

page 7 says it is a formality but in the sad state of affairs
the registration says EVERYTHING ...

there used to be something called a "poor man's copyright"
which involved mailing everything to oneself
the date/stamp acts as the registration-date and
the duplicated items ( contact sheets, cd maybe a formal note
saying what was in the envelope/cd &C ) ... everything in the UNOPENED envelope
works the same way as a federal registration,,
i have only heard of the poor man's copyright, and i don't know how it holds up
in court or if lawyers &c take it seriously ...

unfortunately, this is only in the USA .. who knows what it is like elsewhere,
probably even more confusing and murky ...