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Makes sense. I would assume they would want you to sort things out with the copyright office before wasting the courts time.

In your case why did you think you held the copyright? Why didn't you simply register it and then go to court when you realized there was a problem? Why didn't the lawyer recommend just registering?
in my case, i DID register the copyright ( takes time to register ) ... and i believed like most people that i owned it when i depressed the shutter.
( they were allegedly in a RUSH for the work and buttered me up suggesting i was almost "staff" promised me additional work ( bla bla bla ) )
i did a "cease and desist" and they stopped ... they made up stories afterwards that it was all "on spec" because they had an open ended contract with me ( something their counsel always told them to do with contractors )
... they had me "phase + bill" as i went along .. i got wise and don't work like that anymore ...