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in my case, i DID register the copyright ( takes time to register ) ... and i believed like most people that i owned it when i depressed the shutter.
( they were allegedly in a RUSH for the work and buttered me up suggesting i was almost "staff" promised me additional work ( bla bla bla ) )
i did a "cease and desist" and they stopped ... they made up stories afterwards that it was all "on spec" because they had an open ended contract with me ( something their counsel always told them to do with contractors )
... they had me "phase + bill" as i went along .. i got wise and don't work like that anymore ...
That is an ugly story and a real eye opener. I don't post anything on the internet unless it is watermarked through a stock agency, but I am definitely going to look into this copyright registration thing. I do this as a hobby and sell very little on the side so I can't afford a lawyer. I'm going to look into registering the stuff that is at the stock agency. Man life is so complicated.