I am about to immerse myself in colour processing with a Jobo, so this thread does interest me. My question is: If the bleach needs bromide to work, why can't one add potassium bromide for instance to the separated solution? Sorry if that is a stupid question, but I already have KBr for B/W chemistry, and if it would work, then problem solved, no? If it would work, then the question is how much to add. The Tetenal kit is basically what I am stuck with, seeing as it is the only dry kit available via B&H. The cost and hassle of importing wet kits to my country make it not worth considering. Chuck, if you have some bromide lying around, could you maybe try? I have a Tetenal kit, but I haven't opened it yet, and was hoping to leave it until I have a meaningful batch of colour neg film to develop.