The Fuji rangefinders all have stellar reputations. They all have great lenses and for what they do the are very compact and light. In particular the 6x9 is as close to large format as you can get, and to think that it is in a light weight rangefinder is really quite amazing. I guess my reason for not buying any of them centers on two issues. First, I actually prefer the 6x7 and 6x6 look over the 6x9, which looks too much like a 645 or a 35mm frame to me. Secondly I actually do think the absence of a light meter is quite unfortunately. If you are buying a rangefinder portability and ease of use is the whole point! Why should you have to lug around a separate piece of equipment and double the number of steps and time it takes to make a photo? Fuji figured it out and added meters to their 645 rangefinders and of course the current GF models have them as well. My Mamiya 6 does too. Perhaps I'm just spoiled... I mean, its one thing if I'm intentionally going retro and shooting with my Mamiya Press or one of the pre-leaf shutter Bronicas or my Pentax SV. In that case I don't mind carrying a light meter. But the Fuji 6x9 rangefinders are relatively modern bodies. They really should have a meter! (OK, that's all the ranting I'll do for now)

Anyway, the $2 story is a heart breaker! Better luck next time. And in spite of my prejudice, if you find what you're looking for I expect you will love it and take some wonderful photos with it.