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I've found this an interesting discussion. To my mind, the other side of the question is: what are the odds that you'll find out that someone stole your work? OK, if a company were to misappropriate a photograph and use it in a Super Bowl commercial, you might see it and know to complain. But if that same company took an image and used it in their annual report, what are the odds you'd ever see that? If one were so inclined as to misappropriate images, I bet he/she would get away with it 99% of the time simply on the basis that the odds of the actual photographer seeing the image would be miniscule.
hi trask

its strange that a similar discussion ( not really ) is going on here:

while it is pretty unlikely that people will take random photographs from random people and use them in an annual report
or billboard campaign or whatever, if someone's work is of a well known person, place, thing, or event, chances are more likely
that it might get noticed if not used. i assisted someone years ago who used to shuffle his stock images around to the credit card companies
they loved his crew/regatta images and used them as much as they could ... sometimes they kept using them and he had to slap them on the wrist.
it seemed like a game of cat n'mouse back then but that's how he got paid and he retained control over his work.