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I think we are really close to discovering the culprit. I followed Michaels suggestion to expose for 32 seconds and the print come out good.

That makes me think really hard about my test strips. It looks like I'm missing one strip. If 32 seconds is right time than I should have 7 strips rather than six. It looks like I'm missing the last strip and I was actually counting second last as the last. That shifted everything for 8 seconds. What happened, I think, is that last segment on my test sheet was exposed twice. As I made test strip I shouldn't expose entire sheet at the end simply because I "run out of room" therefore Everything is exposed for additional 8 seconds. This is what I think happened.

Please tell me that I'm not loosing my mind here. Is this something that can easily happen?

If this is what happened, don't worry it can easily happen to the best printer. The important thing is to find the problem and fix it.

I suggest double-checking by re-running the experiment again just so you're sure. Also make sure the 32s looked exactly right compared with the test print, not just close enough. We want to make sure this was the problem and nothing else is going on.