I considered the bra or athletic supporter possibility, but there's always the issue of size, isn't there? And then the conversation might devolve into something like "well gee, Jon...could you use one of the Auto S2 cases as an athletic supporter?" And then depending on how I answer, people might start calling me something like "Thunder the Wonder Horse" or worse. And all over a sale where I'll make no profit at all.

Desert cups...there's a good idea, but do most people have black china or everyday dishes? Maybe they do and I've just missed that trend. Or are we saying people buying these for that purpose are not going to be featured in House Beautiful? Maybe cereal bowls or popcorn bowls or glue all 5 together and make sort of a Lazy Susan thing. And why Lazy Susan? Why not Lazy Karen or Lazy Debbie. Some of the Susans I've known have been anything but lazy, whereas I once knew a Debbie who was almost as inactive as an anvil.

So, step right up and create your own special "thing" with these cases. It will be summer soon and that means Vacation Bible School at many churches. Certainly you can think of something children can make with these cases, yes?