FotoFunDreissig: you did not hijack 'my' thread. In fact, more 'thread' keeps the garment from tearing.

But the 'facts' surrounding the perception of Japan are amazing. When I was little, Pearl Harbor was the 'reason' not to trust the (as they were pejoratively called) 'Japs'. I think that we have gone very far since then. In the mid-70s when I was living in New York I briefly worked at Marubeni Corporation and the most stupid thing that I ever did in my entire life was to leave them. (I think that my inability to mature when it was necessary to mature was my whole later problem in life.)

Their whole attitude towards people and employees was absolutely amazing to behold and there was not a single day I worked for them (in the then Pan Am building atop Grand Central Terminal) when I was not treated with dignity. I do hate the Japanese whale hunting but I love how I was treated by them. The problem with the USA is that we think that we are the 'standard' of everything under the sun. We cannot be: we do not even know how to embrace other cultures (unlike how the British always did in their Colonial history). - David Lyga