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To those suggesting a seller to donate his/her items - that is quite rude. Do you also hassle folks who sell say a Pentax K1000 that he/she should instead donate it to a community college or whatnot? Sure the items are "rare" but there is a huge difference between a For Sale thread on this site and a post in the lounge saying "I've this big box of railroad slides, what should I with them...."
Often when donations are made, particularly to not for profit organizations, tax deductions can be made. It may be worth while to look into it, after a value of the slides has been established.

Many times I look at the Antiques Roadshow on public television, and wish that some of the items there were simply donated to a museum so that the general public may enjoy them. I realize that only about 5% of a museum collection ever sees the light of day in on display, but still...

If the slides go into the hands of a serious collector, someone who will actually do something worthwhile with them, then that could be really great for the general public as well, so I'm not saying that this option is necessarily a bad one. I just wanted to give an alternative view. Many museums today have a hard time with financing, and rely on generous donors to survive and generate funds for purchases.