The curves do not resemble those that we got in-house. These are quite heavily "sanitized". And, they do not really help Mark in his problem. You see, this might be a keeping problem on the shelf or during shipping, and EK does do keeping tests. Just pulling a sample does not help.

I have a composite curve I am posting here (Thanks to APUG member Terry Holisinger for the fine image). This superimposes a film, paper and print curve. The relative horizontal displacements are not correct.

The X axis is LogE and each number represents 0.15 log E. The Y axis is density.

This would have exposure data on it that would give us the absolute speed of the curve. This is related to the settings on the 1B sensitometer used for exposing the material.

Also, we use wider paper for film, as the density extends to 3.0 and as you see, it goes off the right side.