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Doing my spring cleaning and time to get rid of camera items that I haven’t used .

I have included the max number of pics to illustrate the items I am selling. I have more pics available, or if you want more information, please give me a shout and I will do what I can to answer specific questions.

Shipping is from Canada. If inquiring about postage, I will need the postal code if shipping to Canada, zip code for the USA, and country, for the rest of the world. I try to give the least expensive postage that includes tracking where possible. If you want Express, let me know. If you buy more than one item, I combine the shipping.

Payment through PayPal, please and I will ship to the address on the PayPal invoice. Payment is due within 2 days. I am obliged to declare the full value of the item on all postal and custom’s forms. The buyer is responsible for all custom duties and taxes. I will not send as a gift or lower the value of the item, so please do not ask. To do so would be asking me to do something that is illegal.

Rembrandt 5x7

A studio camera made by Burke & James, in beautiful condition. This is a portrait camera with a 5” Packard shutter that mounts behind in the lens board and held in place with corner clips for easy removal. It has the electrical connections for use with a flash. The shutter has been cleaned and is fully functional. The rubber tubing and bulb for the shutter are brand new. The lens board is 6” sq with a 3½” hole for mounting a Ilex 5 shutter. The red bellows is light tight and very supple. The rail for the rear standard is 14¼” long. While the front standard is fixed and has no movements, all movements were done with the back standard as befits a portrait camera. The two knobs on each side at the back are replacements for the knurled metal knobs. Removal of one knob on each side allows for back and front tilt, there is rise and fall, a small amount of swing and shift. The rear film holder can be placed in landscape mode (for group photos) or in portrait mode. While the camera does not fold, there are two bolts that that attach the front standard to the rail. For shipping, the bolts will be removed so that the front standard, bellws and rear standard can lie flat on the rail. Once in the studio, all the parts are reassembled and bolted together and mounted on a tripod. The camera is fully functional and also makes a very nice display piece.
$300 + postage.

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Price has been dropped to $250 + postage.