Thank you all who came to the event and those who said nice things. Dolly and I want to thank you for taking such good care of our home and the Girls. This is our fifth year of doing this and I have only had to pick up one soda bottle and hand Dale his pizza box to be thrown away in all that time. Those who wanted to, but didn’t make it, we missed you. Twenty six attended at some point, if just for a meal or all three days. This was a record.

Besides the socializing with like minded people, the shooting, the trekking, the print review was great. We had 19 in our living room, turned the air conditioning down a notch and had spot lights hanging from the railing above. It worked quite well. Lots of great work.

Some print review highlights. Dan Henderson showed 4x5 work from his March trip to Cuba. Robert Bender showed 6x6 work from his trip to Cuba two years ago. Very different, but both very good. Silke showed work she and Daniel shot in abandoned factories in Sarajevo. Silke posed nude as usual. Be still my heart. Sean has started shooting 4x5 in an old farmhouse his girl friend Lynn has rented in PA. Really interesting light patterns, contact prints with large mats. Bethe brought some 8x10s from the farm museum, close ups with shallow depth of field, very different from what Peter and I had shot. I showed my most recent class work, twenty matted 7x17 contact silver prints from the Flats. Having seen my pictures everyone wanted to see what Peter did in 8x10 with many of the same locations. Unfortunately Peter had consumed some bad water at work Friday and was home sick for most of the weekend. As of Tuesday he was still feeling a little rough.

We found out Sunday at brunch that Jeff Smith married Courtney last weekend. Very pretty bride who we had met at last October’s gathering. Be good to each other and enjoy.

Hope more of you will venture over here to one of the next NE OH Gatherings.
We hope to have another late July or early August, and another late September or early October. I will post dates when Dolly and Savannah tell me we have them.

John Powers