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I see that Jim beat me to this post, but I will let this be here for the link and clearing bath suggestion.

This could indicate too strong bleach or rather incorrect bleach to clearing bath intensities.

What is the composition of the bleach you are using ? Duration of bleach ?
Do you have access to sodium metabisulfite (Na2S2O5) other than foma kit? (To be used as clearing bath)

Please try using R09 as both first and second developer.
if you are using Ilford bleach recommendations, reduce the strength to half (see this method http://home.snafu.de/jens.osbahr/pho...r_reversal.pdf ).

If you have access to sodium metabisulfite, use it as recommended in osbahr pdf => 1g in 260ml and clear for two minures. Increase clearing bath time if brown tone remains.

I have developed Ilford FP4+ as per the above instructions and got very good results. Will post scans after I receive them.
Yes, I'm trying sodium metabisulfite next time.

With regards the Foma bleach, I only know that it's Sulphuric acid and Potassium Permanganate and have no idea of the strengths of the individual components. When the current Foma kit run out I will be mixing my own bleach.

I have used R09 as both first and second. I switched to Dokumol to test whether the 2nd R09 was contributing to the brown tone.

I've also noticed in my last test that doubling the hypo in the 1st dev apparently served to remove the brown tone (at least with the R09/Dokumol). But the two tests images were quite different in their ratio of dark to light , so I do need to confirm that.

Look forward to seeing your scans.