I have a couple enlargers and right now not sure which would be the best to hold on to. She says I can keep two of them but right now I'm at a loss as to which two to keep. Can you all lend a hand.

I deal mostly with 35mm stuff but plan on upgrading one of these days to get medium format equipment and even if possible something large format.

The enlargers I have on the block are a
Durst M370 color (was thinking of keeping this as is just for the color aspect)
Besler 45MCRX (has both condensor and cold light heads)
Besler 23CII
Besler 67CP
Omega B-600 (one I've been using the most just cause it was there and first one I grabbed)

Any suggestions on which you guys would keep and why or what the differences really are between them?

Thank you much for your support