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I appreciate all the thoughts on the subject...though I will mention that these are not super old slides. I did offer them to the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento but they were not interested in them. You would be amazed at the things that museums/libraries/etc. pass up from people trying to donate.
as a volunteer at the Ogden Union Station archive (check out my blog http://theunionstation.org/index.php/blog/) I thank you for checking out the California RR Museum. Ogden is home to the Utah Railroad Museum and, yeah, a lot of stuff gets offered that can't be used, either for simple logistical reasons -- three Civil War era railroad cars? -- or because we simply lack the ability to deal with it.

We get a lot of odd stuff -- today a cannon ball showed up -- and do our best. We don't sell stuff, either, unless it is something we simply have no use for, but the money would help. We've had several local folks die recently who left use huge collections of slides and/or pictures of trains. There are folks out there who have their own huge accumulations ... the tough thing is to decide if it fits in with our needs and helps tell the story of Utah railroading that we're trying to tell.

And don't be hard on museums that do sell a donation -- you have no idea how desperate we are for money ... selling something that has cash value but duplicates something we already have makes every donation worthwhile. For example someone recently died who donated his entire library...we're keeping the best and selling the duplicates. The resulting cash helps pay for preserving the rest of the donation -- have you priced museum-grade storage boxes lately?