Sometimes I just can't believe how stupidly dyslexic I can be. So I've got the 1st developer mixed and the color developer mixed and then I'm looking at the amount of water I need for the Blix, and it doesn't look right. It looks like too much. But I look at it again, and again, and that's what it says, so I shrug my shoulders and start to mix. Well, I've gotten the first of three Blix containers mixed with the water when I finally realize my error. I'd been looking at the water quantities needed for the Color developer, not the Blix. So, not knowing what else to do at that point, I went ahead and added the other two Blix bottles to the mix. My final quantity, which should have been 16 oz. is now 20 oz. The solution has been diluted by 25%.

So, I'm telling myself that since it's Blix, perhaps I can just extend the time the film is immersed in the mixture to wind up with the same results. And this is what I plan to do. But I don't know for how long. I'm thinking I can just set up a basic proportion. If it's 10 minutes for a 16 oz quantity and I have 20 oz, then the basic proportion sez 10/16*20 = 12.5 minutes.

Does this sound reasonable or am I being overly optimistic? More to the point, what would you do? Besides tossing the kit and starting over that is.