if you can affoard it, 5x7 paper will make nicer images to view/hold than 4x5.

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However, any more tips to produce the best possible photo with the method of contact paper printing would be helpful. Would the filter idea be the best?
For a pinhole, getting the right sized pinhole for the desired focal length is important to getting recognisable pictures. Try playing with this to see how the ideal pinhole size will vary with focal length and 'neg' size.

My friend said "I have an enlarger, filters and a couple of lenses. I have a timer (for the enlarger) and a 35mm developing tank. I have a couple of clips to hang film to dry and an easel." Would any of this be helpful in the project.
the enlarger/timer (assuming it has a lens and working globe) would be handy for making the contact prints of your paper negatives.