#4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #11, #13 are still available.

Also dug out a copy of "Gumoil Photographic Printing" by Karl Koenig. It's the revised edition, 1999.
Some wear on the cover, but it otherwise good condition. Seems on Amazon and Abebooks this edition is going for $80-ish, so how about $40?

Also, some additional info on the Natural Color Process book. The table of contents are:
  1. Simple Color Analysis
  2. Making Color-Separation Negatives
  3. Autotype Trichrome Carbro
  4. Autotype Wet Carbon Three-Color Printing
  5. Belcolor Printing Film
  6. Autotype Dyebro and Eastman Wash-Off Relief
  7. Dye Mordanting
  8. Kodachrome Film
  9. Gasparcolor Opaque Color Printing Material
  10. Ansco Color Processes
  11. The Finlay Process