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Why'd you let her know you had five enlargers in the first place? Before you move I am sure you can jumble the parts up good enough so you can keep four of them. And stash number five at a pal's place. You need to keep the honor of the male in the age-old male/female divide. If you don't dodge and weave what will be next -- those 17 Canon/Leica/Nikon/Pentax or whatever cameras? Those 300 rolls of Kodachrome, unshot? This is serious stuff.
Partly why I'm willing to get rid of the enlargers. She is letting me keep the camera's, strobes, softboxes, backgrounds and such. I know if I don't give on something here I could find it all missing.

plus 5 enlargers are a little hard to hide even more so the 45MCRX.

I admit I'm lost here on suggestions though. It seems everyone is in agreement with keeping the 45MCRX. regarding the others though whats so special about the Beseler 67 or the Beseler 23C II? I don't know enough about any of them to be honest other then I know some will do larger formats then others and some do color if you get the right head and some do color up front as is. Otherwise though what really makes the 23c or the 67 worth keeping with the 45?