Well, Kat (as we call her) is 9 and I can see this summer we're going to be doing some photography together finally. She is showing an interest. I went to B&H's web site to look at some film, and see they no longer sell Kodak Gold 100, which was what I was going to start her out on. This is for 35mm, Minolta SLR. They do have an ISO 200 Kodak film, but a reviewer says, "remember this is not Gold 200". What is it then?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a lower cost color neg film to start her out on? Something she could burn through 20 rolls or so and not destroy the bank. We will get the processing/prints done at Costco for now; they use Fuji Crystal Archive, so at least that's something; it's close and quite reasonable cost. When she gets proficient with the camera and composing, etc, then I will get her either some Ektar or Portra160 depending on what she likes to shoot the best at that time, and see if she can notice the difference. Thanks for any suggestions on a start film in 2013!