Rachelle, Alan W, Steve

I mailed the prints this morning. I expect them to take about 2 weeks to arrive. Sorry for the delay.

The print is of the Ipithi Falls in the Krantzkloof nature reserve. The Krantzkloof is a deep gorge cut by the Molweni river after which my home town, Kloof, is named. "Ipithi" is Zulu (the local indigenous language) for "duiker", a small antelope that is native to the forested areas of Southern Africa and can be seen in the Krantzkloof. The photograph was shot in 6x4.5 format on Ilford Delta 100, developed in ID-11 (1+1) and printed on Ilford Art 300 fibre paper. It is not toned but was processed according to the "optimum permanence" process in the Art 300 data sheet.

I hope you like it.

Kind Regards