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Bleach and fix process to completion. You can run this step to process by inspection to completion. Once you see activity start then process for at least twice that time, but at minimum for the time specified with the kit. The difficulty with blix as compared with separate bleach and fix is that there is some danger of retained silver which means that the bleach and/or fix did not complete properly, and a separate issue is the lifetime of the combination which is shorter than for separate solutions. Your colors will not be affected by running the blix for a longer time, and this is probably a good idea anyway when using the solution for several films. For E-6 your clear leader should be clear at the end of the blix.

I'd just double the time and not worry about it. You can't overdo it.

If you have lots of film to process you could also buy another kit and use some of the blix concentrates from kit 2 to mix up, say, 24 ozs total. This would require some math but would be pretty easy, but blix will spoil once mixed, unlike bleach (ok, bleach does eventually but much much slower) so I'd just give plenty of extra time and not worry about it.